World Travelers- Part 2!

This summer we have been traveling around the world!  Our first three countries were Italy, South Africa, and Israel. (Click here to read about those weeks). Our next three countries were Russia, India, and China. . When we visited Russia, Morah Marina was our special teacher. She taught us Russian Words, about different kinds ofContinue reading “World Travelers- Part 2!”

Around the World in 40 Days

This summer we are going “Around the World in 40 Days.” Each week we will visit a new country. On our list: Italy, South Africa, Israel, Russia, India, China, Australia, and Brazil. For the different countries we will learn about food, clothing, customs, games, songs, and art. It is also a unique opportunity to have parents in our centerContinue reading “Around the World in 40 Days”

Tu B’Shevat

We had a great week last week learning about Tu B’Shevat (the Birthday of trees!) *We squeezed our own oranges to make orange juice *We planted seeds *We made bird feeders *We cut up fruit and made a fruit salad *We learned how to crack nuts *We created trees–out of paint, twigs, rocks, and more!Continue reading “Tu B’Shevat”

Pumpkin Challah

Last week Morah Michelle’s class made pumpkin challah with Morah Julie and volunteer Lisa Steindel. They got to see the difference in the color of regular challah and pumpkin challah and also got to taste it. While the challah was rising we were able to take the bowl around to different classrooms so other studentsContinue reading “Pumpkin Challah”

How We Welcome Shabbat

As our school week comes to an end we have the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Shabbat together. What an amazing weekly experience that we get to participate in as a class and as a school! Each Friday we take time to welcome Shabbat together in a variety of ways. . At 10:30 a.m.  we meetContinue reading “How We Welcome Shabbat”

The School to Home Connection

We hope that you have seen the science emails that we occasionally  post on our blog. Every week Morah Elaine visits the 2s, 3s, and Pre-K to teach them a science lesson and then creates a fantastic email with what they learned. We then send these lessons to the parents of each classroom. We recentlyContinue reading “The School to Home Connection”

How We Celebrated the Holidays!

Below is a gallery of pictures of how we have been celebrating and learning about the Jewish Holidays here at Beth Shalom Early Learning Center! Rosh Hashanah: (The Jewish New Year) We heard different sounds of the shofar, painted with apples, dipped apples in honey, and participated in the Apples and Honey Festival! Yom Kippur:Continue reading “How We Celebrated the Holidays!”

Pre-K Graduation and 25th Anniversary

Last Thursday our school celebrated two special events, our Pre-K Graduation and our 25th Anniversary. This was the perfect time to look back to our roots and forward to our future. When Fern Moscav started the program here at Beth Shalom, it was a 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. program with 8 students and 4Continue reading “Pre-K Graduation and 25th Anniversary”

Learning about Havdalah with Rabbi Werbow

This week Rabbi Werbow visited the three-year-old classes to teach them about Havdalah. As we learned, Havdalah marks the end of Shabbat and happens when  three stars can be seen in the sky. We learned about the special braided candle, the cup of wine, and the spices. These represent an aspect of Shabbat and ourContinue reading “Learning about Havdalah with Rabbi Werbow”