Around the World in 40 Days

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This summer we are going “Around the World in 40 Days.” Each week we will visit a new country. On our list: Italy, South Africa, Israel, Russia, India, China, Australia, and Brazil. For the different countries we will learn about food, clothing, customs, games, songs, and art. It is also a unique opportunity to have parents in our center who are familiar with these different countries to come and share with our children. It is a great opportunity for our children to experience different cultures right here at Beth Shalom.


At this age it is important for young minds to expand and to think about other cultures. By learning about others we begin to learn about not just differences but similarities. In an increasingly globalized society we have more associations across continents and in our neighborhoods. This summer we will take the opportunity to begin to open these doors and see these connections.


We already have some amazing volunteers who have agreed to help teach us about different countries. We will be making pasta and learning Italian letters with Ms. Michele. Ms. Yann will be helping us make dragons for China week, and Ms. Sandhya is going to help us do Rangoli for India week! Morah Marina is going to do Russian dancing with us and Lynn Berman is going to teach us Israeli dancing.


This is just part of our exciting summer. Of course we will end the same as we have for the past few with a petting zoo.


We are looking forward to traveling around the world with you. Thank you for all of our volunteers and if you have any suggestions for the summer or would like to volunteer, don’t hesitate to contact Kara.

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