Dairy Science

Hi –

This week, with Shavuot coming up, we learned about Dairy Science.

We knew that dairy foods are made with milk and that milk comes from cows.

Everyone in the class agreed that cows are black and white. While it is true that some cows are black and white, like these Holsteins (the most common type of dairy cattle in the United States),

not all cattle are black and white. Some are brown and white and some are all white, all brown or all black.

No matter what color the cow is, they all produce white milk.

Note: When it comes to cattle, a baby boy or girl is called a calf, a mommy is called a cow, a ‘teenage’ girl that isn’t a mommy yet is called a heifer, and a boy / daddy is called a bull.

This week we did two activities in class. The first was to make butter. We poured some heavy cream into a container,

added a marble,

and screwed on the lid.

We put that aside for a minute, to introduce Activity Number Two.

Can cows fly? No. Can cows sting you? No. Can cows bite you? Yes – but, they only have bottom teeth, so they sort of bite/gum. We tried that:

Then we had a big surprise!

A Holstein came to visit our class!

We named her Supercow.

After we learned proper milking technique…

which included getting squirted…

everyone had a chance to milk Supercow.

As we took turns milking, we also took turns shaking the cream. We shook..and shook…and shook…and shook.

and shook the container until we couldn’t hear the marble rolling around inside it anymore.

By the time everyone was finished milking the cow, the butter was ready…

and so was lunch. 🙂 Perfect timing!

See you in two weeks –

Chag sameach,

Morah Elaine

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