We foster a sense of belonging for children and their families to our Early Learning Center community by establishing open communication and involving parents in Early Learning Center activities.

Reviews from Parents

“I cannot say enough positive things about my family’s experience at this preschool. The skilled and loving teachers have been key to our experience. The classroom teachers are incredibly warm, nurturing, experienced, patient, organized, and communicative. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

“Our son loves the school-he is so happy to go there each morning and I always find him smiling at pick-up time. The facilities are impressive (our son loves the gym and both playgrounds), the curriculum is amazing even for the babies, and my concerns have always been immediately addressed by the caring administrators.”

“We’ve been so happy with the care and education our children have received at Beth Shalom. My daughter started kindergarten fully prepared academically but more than that, she started already loving learning. Her teachers stoked her passion for music, art and science. I’m excited for my littlest one to start this fall!”

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