The Valinsky Art Studio

We opened our Valinsky Art Studio in the Fall of 2012 with Julie LeWinter as our Art Specialist. It is a Reggio Emilia Art Studio, and our children 3 years and older enjoy the studio on a daily basis. Julie visits the children who are under 3 with her amazing art cart! Read about Reggio Emilia Below. You can also contact the Preschool Office or  Hilary Yeckel, our Director, with any questions about Reggio Emilia. Julie is also always happy to answer questions and show people around!

    Wish List for the Art Studio
  1. Small plastic jars with lids
  2. Glitter
  3. Burlap roll
  4. Cornstarch
  5. Clear glue in large bottles
  6. Magnetic blocks
  7. 70 gallon fish tank (if there’s an old one in your garage)
  8. Square wicker baskets
  9. Dried lavender
  10. Professional quality watercolor set
  11. Glass beads
  12. Nails
  13. Tools like screwdrivers and hammers
  14. Wooden boards
  15. Hemp twine
  16. Mason jars
  17. Clothes pins
  18. Copper wire in all sizes
  19. Sculpt it clay in white
  20. Biocolor paints gallon sizes


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