Falling Arches and Keystone Science

Hi – This week in Science, we learned about keystones and catenary arches. First, we checked out these two signs: ​ Keep an eye out for them the next time you go on a road trip (which is why we are doing this lesson this week). Pennsylvania turnpike signs are shaped like keystones (Pennsylvania isContinue reading “Falling Arches and Keystone Science”


PITTSBURGH, PA- 12 Jewish early childhood educators just returned to Pittsburgh from a study seminar, Exploring Reggio through a Jewish Lens, in Italy (October 19 – 29). The Reggio Emilia Approach is an educational philosophy based on the image of the child, and of human beings, as possessing strong potentials for development and as subjectsContinue reading “Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh Press Release: JEWISH EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS FROM PITTSBURGH STUDIED EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY IN REGGIO EMILIA, ITALY”

Caterpillars and Tigers and Bears (Oh My!)

Hi – This week in Science, we reviewed what we know about butterflies and moths and learned a few new things too. First, we compared and contrasted a model butterfly and a model moth. ​We noticed that they each had four wings, six legs and two antennas (used for smelling), but the antennas didn’t lookContinue reading “Caterpillars and Tigers and Bears (Oh My!)”

Understanding Space in a Reggio-Inspired Classroom

Understanding Space in a Reggio-Inspired Classroom by Teresa Narey, Pre-K Educator As many of you may have read in our brochure or handbook or on our website, Beth Shalom Early Learning Center is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. Reggio Emilia, a city in Italy, revamped its approach to early childContinue reading “Understanding Space in a Reggio-Inspired Classroom”

Unsung Jewish Hero: Elana Raz

Elana Raz has a magical way about her, she combines her passion for early childhood education with her unique understanding of what children need.  Elana has a certificate in Education from the Levinsky College of Education in Tel Aviv, Israel and a Bachelor’s degree in the History of Theatre and Hebrew Literature from the HebrewContinue reading “Unsung Jewish Hero: Elana Raz”

Gastropod Science in Room 202 and a surprise guest

Hi – This week in Science we learned about gastropods and had a surprise guest visit as well. First we took a look at some shells. We knew that they belonged to snails. These types of snails live in the water, but others live on land. This week, we learned about the land (terrestrial) kind.Continue reading “Gastropod Science in Room 202 and a surprise guest”

Returning to Teaching Empowered by PDI

By: Teresa Narey As a first-time institute attendee, I did not know what to expect at NAEYC’s 2016 National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development (PDI), June 5–8, in Baltimore. I left this year’s PDI feeling empowered. I left with the tools necessary to help make the future of early childhood education (ECE) brighter—in myContinue reading “Returning to Teaching Empowered by PDI”