Feet Feet Feet Science

Hi –

This week, to honor the birthday of Dr. Seuss (which is March 2nd), we did Foot Book science!

First, we read The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss.

We all know this book, so we had a great time reading it together!

Then we read The Foot Book?? by The Catz in the Hat, as it were.

…Flat feet, New feet, Striped feet, Blue feet…etc.

We all enjoyed identifying the animal pictures.

There was even an elephant. 🙂

We took a short break to stomp our own feet, practice having quiet feet, jump on two feet and stand on one foot.

Next, we looked at a shoe print.

Who could have made it?

We all checked our shoes to see if they matched the print. We looked for circles and stripes…

and they also had to be the right size.

It didn’t seem to match anyone’s shoe.

That’s because it matched this shoe (which was in my bag):

Then we looked at another print.

It was much bigger than the first one.

It must be from a big person! It definitely wasn’t from the shoe that made the first print.

There – that’s the shoe that matches (also in the bag):

We tried to guess who could have made these teeny-tiny prints:

A lion? A dog? No – they were much too small for either of those. The prints were made by a white-footed mouse.

What about this footprint?

It’s huge! That was made by a polar bear.

Finally, we compared our shoes with the mouse and the polar bear footprints:

Hope you liked this science peek.

I’ll see you all again next week.

Morah Elaine

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