World Travelers- Part 2!

This summer we have been traveling around the world!  Our first three countries were Italy, South Africa, and Israel. (Click here to read about those weeks). Our next three countries were Russia, India, and China.


When we visited Russia, Morah Marina was our special teacher. She taught us Russian Words, about different kinds of Russian Food, and taught us special Russian Dances. She also told us Pushkin’s Folk Tale: The Fisherman and the Goldfish. Also thank you to Morah Nataly who brought in Russian Nesting Dolls and other fun items.

photo 3 (5)



After Russia we traveled to India. Ms. Sandhya brought in Saris and other items from India and Milo’s grandfather read us Monkey: A Trickster Tale from India. We played with different spices, made Naan pizza, and made rangoli.


Then last week we went to China. Ms. Yann came in and made dragons with us and Ms. Diane danced with us and also taught us numbers in Chinese. We used different media to make Chinese symbols and also practiced using chopsticks!




This week we are traveling to Australia and next week to Brazil. We’ve been great travelers!

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