World Travelers!

We have had a great first three weeks of camp. We visited Italy, South Africa, and Israel.


The week we went to Italy we had a special visitor-Ms. Michele. She taught us colors and numbers in Italian. We also made bagel pizzas, found Italy on a map, and did a pasta shape match.

photo (22).

The next week we traveled to South Africa. Hannah who is friends with one of our students came and helped us find South Africa on the map. She also brought the South African flag and some different crafts. We went on an African Safari through our building, made binoculars, and identified animals.




This week we traveled to Israel! We made chocolate balls, did Hebrew letter yoga, Israeli Dancing, and a Hamsa Craft. We had a lot of visitors including Morah Chen who did many projects with us!



See you next week as we travel to Russia with Morah Marina!


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