World Travelers- Part 2!

This summer we have been traveling around the world!  Our first three countries were Italy, South Africa, and Israel. (Click here to read about those weeks). Our next three countries were Russia, India, and China. . When we visited Russia, Morah Marina was our special teacher. She taught us Russian Words, about different kinds ofContinue reading “World Travelers- Part 2!”

How We Celebrated Purim

Last week we had a great time celebrating Purim! . Purim is a Jewish holiday that celebrates when the Jewish people were saved from destruction in the Persian Empire. This story is also told in the Biblical Book of Esther. King Ahasuerus chose Esther as his wife. The Kings’ adviser Haman (booo) planned to kill all theContinue reading “How We Celebrated Purim”

Tu B’Shevat

We had a great week last week learning about Tu B’Shevat (the Birthday of trees!) *We squeezed our own oranges to make orange juice *We planted seeds *We made bird feeders *We cut up fruit and made a fruit salad *We learned how to crack nuts *We created trees–out of paint, twigs, rocks, and more!Continue reading “Tu B’Shevat”