Tu B’Shevat

We had a great week last week learning about Tu B’Shevat (the Birthday of trees!) *We squeezed our own oranges to make orange juice *We planted seeds *We made bird feeders *We cut up fruit and made a fruit salad *We learned how to crack nuts *We created trees–out of paint, twigs, rocks, and more!Continue reading “Tu B’Shevat”

The School to Home Connection

We hope that you have seen the science emails that we occasionally ┬ápost on our blog. Every week Morah Elaine visits the 2s, 3s, and Pre-K to teach them a science lesson and then creates a fantastic email with what they learned. We then send these lessons to the parents of each classroom. We recentlyContinue reading “The School to Home Connection”

Bee Dancing for Rosh Hashanah

Hi – Apples and honey are everywhere these days! We know that apples come from trees, but where does honey come from? Today we learned all about bees. Bees have two eyes just like people, but they also have six legs, four wings and two antennas. What should you do if a bee flies closeContinue reading “Bee Dancing for Rosh Hashanah”