Kaleidoscopic Science

Hi all –

This week in Science, we explored kaleidoscopes.

First, everyone chose a bear from a basket.

Then we each received a mirror ‘book.’ We put the bears on the table in front of the open book (so that they could admire themselves)

and counted the bears that we could see.

We discovered that the number of bears we saw in the mirrors changed when we opened or closed the book.

Hmmm…very interesting!

Next, we talked briefly about kaleidoscopes.

Inside kaleidoscopes there are mirrors that form either two or three sides of a triangle.

They work the same way that the mirror books do.

While we all continued experimenting with the mirrors and some pattern blocks, we also passed around a large assortment of kaleidoscopes.

Special thanks to Morah Elana for bringing in a beautiful kaleidoscope from home and sharing it with our class – that was awesome!

See you next week,

Morah Elaine

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