naeyc_logo_croppedMany of you know that our school is up for our NAEYC re-accreditation this year, but what does this really entail? One aspect you know about is the family survey, and thank you to everyone who turned in your survey. Our teachers have been hard at work compiling their classroom portfolios. These document all aspects of the classroom: Relationships, Curriculum, Teaching, Assessment, Families, and Physical Environment. There are different standards in each category and our educators put together how they fulfill each criteria. We also do this for our over-all program. Jennifer, Maria, and Kara have been hard at work documenting how we fulfill different criteria in our program.


Outside of the portfolios we also make sure that our classrooms are at top level. S0 what can you do to help us during this process? One big help is washing your hands. We ask that you wash your hands when you enter the classroom (or use the hand sanitizer). Keep doing the great work of emptying your child’s lunchbox into the box in the refrigerator and keeping your child’s extra items in a vinyl bag. Please also make sure your strollers and carseats are placed in our stroller parking lot, Room 306.


We always work hard to make sure that this environment is the best it can be for you and your children, and the NAEYC process helps with this goal. Thank you for your support and help during this re-accreditation.

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