How We Celebrated the Holidays!

Below is a gallery of pictures of how we have been celebrating and learning about the Jewish Holidays here at Beth Shalom Early Learning Center! Rosh Hashanah: (The Jewish New Year) We heard different sounds of the shofar, painted with apples, dipped apples in honey, and participated in the Apples and Honey Festival! Yom Kippur:Continue reading “How We Celebrated the Holidays!”

Bee Dancing for Rosh Hashanah

Hi – Apples and honey are everywhere these days! We know that apples come from trees, but where does honey come from? Today we learned all about bees. Bees have two eyes just like people, but they also have six legs, four wings and two antennas. What should you do if a bee flies closeContinue reading “Bee Dancing for Rosh Hashanah”