Bee Dancing for Rosh Hashanah

Hi –

Apples and honey are everywhere these days!

We know that apples come from trees, but where does honey come from?

Today we learned all about bees.

Bees have two eyes just like people, but they also have six

legs, four wings and two antennas.

What should you do if a bee flies close to you? Answer: Stay still and say, ‘I am not a flower.’

We practiced doing just that.

Bees are not particularly interested in people. They are flying around looking for flowers.

Our bee found a flower close by.

It flew back to the hive to tell its friends and relatives where to find nectar and pollen.

Did it say, “Fly out of the hive and turn right where the gas station used to be?” No.

Did it draw a map? No.

Did it use GPS? No.

It did something even crazier — it danced!

When the flower is close to the hive, the bee does the Round Dance.

Let’s try it:


Once the other bees knew where to go to get food, our bee friend flew out to look for lunch.

Aha! Another flower:

This one was much farther away from home.

To give the other bees directions to far-away food sources, the returning bee did the Waggle Dance.

We practiced our waggling.

Once we got the hang of it, we did the waggle dance too.

Great job everyone – we were very busy bees today!

See you in two weeks – Shana Tova,

Morah Elaine

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