The School to Home Connection

We hope that you have seen the science emails that we occasionally  post on our blog. Every week Morah Elaine visits the 2s, 3s, and Pre-K to teach them a science lesson and then creates a fantastic email with what they learned. We then send these lessons to the parents of each classroom. We recently received this email from a parent. It is wonderful to be able to provide this kind of communication with the parents–and these kinds of lessons with our students. We hope you enjoy the science lessons too!


Please let Morah Elaine know how much these emails mean.  I send them to all of our family and we look forward to them every week.

As my Mother-in-law said to me today, it’s like getting to be there. Tonight I talked to Theo about shapes and we pointed them out in some of his books. These emails and lessons from Morah Elaine help us continue at home what he’s learning at school; they really help to make important connections.  We feel so grateful to get these each week, and so glad to see the amazing instruction Theo’s getting at Beth Shalom!


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