How We Welcome Shabbat

As our school week comes to an end we have the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Shabbat together. What an amazing weekly experience that we get to participate in as a class and as a school! Each Friday we take time to welcome Shabbat together in a variety of ways.


At 10:30 a.m.  we meet in Helfant Chapel as a school and sing with Morah Marina. We set the table for Shabbat. We bring the table cloth, flowers, candles, kiddush cup, and challah. Each class gets to take a turn bringing their special item up. We then say the blessings together. Each week we sing different songs, sometimes do dances, and at the end of each week we sing the Hatikvah (The National Anthem of Israel) and the Pre-K by the end of the year will know all the words! We finish the week singing “This Land Is Your Land” together.


Back in our classrooms later in the day we celebrate Shabbat together. Each classroom has their own way they welcome Shabbat. We often welcome it together with another classroom. We light the candles, eat challah, and give tzedakah. (Coins we put in a tzedakah box that we give to charity.) We often sing together as well.


You are always welcome to join us for our weekly celebration in the Helfant Chapel. It begins at 10:30 and we would love to see you there!


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