Tuition Assistance Available

Important Scholarship Information  Full and Partial Scholarships Available The Pittsburgh Jewish Educational Improvement Foundation site is now open for families to submit their scholarship applications.  Please note that families may submit either their 2012 or 2013 IRS tax returns.   We are asking that all families that have a child who is at least 3 yearsContinue reading “Tuition Assistance Available”


As Thanksgiving approaches we are teaching our students not only about the importance of being thankful, but also about the importance of giving to others. Throughout the year we talk about Mitzvah (or the plural Mitzvot) which are good deeds. Each week as we gather to celebrate Shabbat and we give to tzedakah (or charity). We passContinue reading “Mitzvah!”

Pumpkin Challah

Last week Morah Michelle’s class made pumpkin challah with Morah Julie and volunteer Lisa Steindel. They got to see the difference in the color of regular challah and pumpkin challah and also got to taste it. While the challah was rising we were able to take the bowl around to different classrooms so other studentsContinue reading “Pumpkin Challah”

How We Welcome Shabbat

As our school week comes to an end we have the wonderful opportunity to celebrate Shabbat together. What an amazing weekly experience that we get to participate in as a class and as a school! Each Friday we take time to welcome Shabbat together in a variety of ways. . At 10:30 a.m.  we meetContinue reading “How We Welcome Shabbat”

The School to Home Connection

We hope that you have seen the science emails that we occasionally  post on our blog. Every week Morah Elaine visits the 2s, 3s, and Pre-K to teach them a science lesson and then creates a fantastic email with what they learned. We then send these lessons to the parents of each classroom. We recentlyContinue reading “The School to Home Connection”

How We Celebrated the Holidays!

Below is a gallery of pictures of how we have been celebrating and learning about the Jewish Holidays here at Beth Shalom Early Learning Center! Rosh Hashanah: (The Jewish New Year) We heard different sounds of the shofar, painted with apples, dipped apples in honey, and participated in the Apples and Honey Festival! Yom Kippur:Continue reading “How We Celebrated the Holidays!”

Bee Dancing for Rosh Hashanah

Hi – Apples and honey are everywhere these days! We know that apples come from trees, but where does honey come from? Today we learned all about bees. Bees have two eyes just like people, but they also have six legs, four wings and two antennas. What should you do if a bee flies closeContinue reading “Bee Dancing for Rosh Hashanah”

Madison Handbags and Other Ways to Help Our School!

This Thursday night we have a very exciting fundraiser happening here at Beth Shalom! Have you ever wanted to design your own handbag? There are variety of options (view them at and even better? The proceeds benefit Beth Shalom Early Learning Center. Enjoy Wine and Cheese and design the handbag you have always wanted! JoinContinue reading “Madison Handbags and Other Ways to Help Our School!”

Tell Us Your Stories!

Sitting where I do in the front preschool office, I see and hear many different things going on during the day. I get the “Good Morning, Boker Tov!” from parents and staff. I hear the early morning crying that turns into laughter as more and more friends gather and we begin to play. I hearContinue reading “Tell Us Your Stories!”