Tell Us Your Stories!

image (3)Sitting where I do in the front preschool office, I see and hear many different things going on during the day. I get the “Good Morning, Boker Tov!” from parents and staff. I hear the early morning crying that turns into laughter as more and more friends gather and we begin to play. I hear Morah Marina and a chorus of kids singing Zum Gali, Gali, and I get the exhausted waves of teachers leaving at the end of the day.


These are all everyday occurrences. However, occasionally you just hear something great. You hear the story that led to the “a-ha moment.” You see the artwork that was created in our Art Studio with Morah Julie and the inspiration that led our students create it. You hear that Morah Elaine taught the two-year-olds about shells during science class and one of them went home and told mom “Yes we learned about bivalves.”


There are just so many inspiring moments that happen day to day and we want to hear about them! Do you have an inspiring, funny, typical, or amazing moment that happened to your child (or you) at Beth Shalom Early Learning Center? We want to hear that story! We just started a Facebook contest. The rules are as follows:
Current and Past Parents, do you have a great Beth Shalom moment from this week or from any point during your time here? Tell us your stories and get entered to win a $50 Giant Eagle gift card! Here’s how to enter:

1) Post a story about Beth Shalom Early Learning Center on your Facebook wall
2) Tag us in the post
3) One lucky winner of the $50 gift card will be announced on Friday

I wanted to share a quick story that happened this year, and though I can’t win the Giant Eagle Gift Card, this story would truly be in the running. After a long day Jennifer, our director, went upstairs to get her son. I was closing that night, so knew that the hours until 6:00 p.m. were going to tick away slowly. Jen comes back down the stairs with her son and he bolts by my desk straight to the back office. Jen sees this and says “MAX!” He opens a box of cupcakes, sticks his finger into one and licks his finger. Jen says, “Max, I didn’t say you could eat a cupcake” And he looks up at her and says “Yellow Cupcake.”


Anyone who has been around Max knows that yellow is his absolute favorite color, and he was right, it was a yellow cupcake. Jen was in disbelief and I was laughing hysterically. Jen put the cupcake on her desk and told him he could have it tomorrow when he came back to school. Ever since then “Yellow Cupcake” has been our mantra when we are in need of a good laugh.


So your Beth Shalom story might not be as silly as this one, but it could be. So share your stories on Facebook and tag us. (Our Name is Beth Shalom Early Learning Center, Friend us if you haven’t!)


Good luck, and thank you for sharing your children and memories with us!

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