Boats afloat in Room 310

Hi- This week in Science we experimented with boats. First, we looked at pictures of different types of boats. We saw boats with sails, boats with motors, and boats that people had to row or paddle – like rowboats, canoes and kayaks. Next, we spent some time experimenting with sailboats and paddleboats. We chose andContinue reading “Boats afloat in Room 310”

Frogs-do-not-say-Ribbit Science in Room 205

Hi – This week in Science, with Pesach on the horizon, we listened to frog and toad sounds. Then, we tried to make the same sounds. We heard frogs that were snoring, frogs thatsounded like they were hammering nails, and others that made kissing noises. The Southern Leopard Frogs sounded like they were laughing (whichContinue reading “Frogs-do-not-say-Ribbit Science in Room 205”

Shiny Science For Presidents’ Day

Hi – This week in Science, in honor of Presidents’ Day, we experimented with Abraham Lincoln’s head (on pennies, of course)! First, we talked a bit about President’s Day. Who is the President? Who was the first President? Which President’s birthdays will we be celebrating next week? Then we looked at a really big penny.Continue reading “Shiny Science For Presidents’ Day”

Snowflake Science with the Pre-K

Hi – This week in Science, we learned about snowflake formation. First, we looked at photos and models of different types of snowflakes. We learned that snowflakes always have SIX sides. Then each of us received three pipe cleaners that were twisted together in the middle. These were our ‘tiny pieces of dirt.’ We imaginedContinue reading “Snowflake Science with the Pre-K”

Investigating Ice With the Two-Year-Olds

Hi – This week in Science we used all five of our senses to investigate ice. First, we put an ice cube in a big container of water and another ice cube on a plate – just to see what would happen to them during class. Interesting… Next, we talked about our senses. We seeContinue reading “Investigating Ice With the Two-Year-Olds”