Science Corner: Fish Camouflage with the Twos

Hi – This week in Science we learned about camouflage. First, we made sure that we knew our colors. Of course we do! Then, we met an orange fish. It wanted to hide. Should it hide here? No…it should hide in the orange part. Next we met a green fish. The green fish wanted toContinue reading “Science Corner: Fish Camouflage with the Twos”

Transparent Science Pictures

Hi – Today in Science we learned three really big words: 1) ‘transparent’ – Something is transparent if you can see through it to the other side and the image is clear. 2) ‘translucent’ – Something is translucent if it allows light to shine through (but you can’t see the actual light source). 3) ‘opaque’Continue reading “Transparent Science Pictures”

Welcome to Beth Shalom Preschool’s Blog!

Welcome to Beth Shalom Preschool’s new place on the web! It is still under construction, but make sure to check out all we have posted. Coming Soon: Curriculum Virtual Tour Private Photo Albums Science Corner …and hopefully a way to import the calendar into your Google Calendar! We look forward to interacting with you! MakeContinue reading “Welcome to Beth Shalom Preschool’s Blog!”