Transparent Science Pictures

Hi –

Today in Science we learned three really big words:

1) ‘transparent’ – Something is transparent if you can see through it to the other side and the image is clear.

2) ‘translucent’ – Something is translucent if it allows light to shine through (but you can’t see the actual light source).

3) ‘opaque’ – Something is opaque if you can’t see what is inside it.

Everyone got a strip of something to investigate.

Can you see anything through it?

Can you see me through it?

Can you see light coming through?

Next, we sorted our strips onto the graphing mat:

Here’s what we came up with:

Then we took a walk through the synagogue to find examples of transparent, translucent and opaque things.

This window is translucent –

and so is the bottom of this one:

Do you see anything around here that is transparent?

Is this window transparent, translucent or opaque?

Can you find something in this area that is transparent? What about something that is opaque?

There’s something transparent up there!

This window is translucent,

but this one is transparent:

Why is it purple in here???

It’s because the blue windows are translucent and the light shines through them.

We even went into the Main Sanctuary.

There are beautiful translucent windows there.

We are getting really good at walking in a line!

Here’s another nice translucent window:

What do you see here?

These doors are definitely transparent!

What a fun day!

We learned a lot.

See you next week,

Morah Elaine

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