Science Corner: Fish Camouflage with the Twos

Hi –

This week in Science we learned about camouflage.

First, we made sure that we knew our colors.

Of course we do!

Then, we met an orange fish.

It wanted to hide.

Should it hide here?

No…it should hide in the orange part.

Next we met a green fish. The green fish wanted to hide too.

We decided that it should hide here…

but then it got away! Oops.

We also met a blue fish and a yellow fish.

We knew where they should hide.

We learned that when something hides by blending in with the background, it is ‘camouflaged.’

Next, we brought in the ocean:

and went fishing out of a bag.

The fish we caught were very colorful.

Our task was to help our fish camouflage in the ocean.

We got very into it.

Great job everyone – where did all of the fish go?

See you next week,

Morah Elaine

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