Frogs Were Leaping Everywhere–Science

Hi – This week in Science, (pretend) frogs were leaping everywhere! We started out with a small pond: In the water were some teeny tiny eggs. They were so small that you couldn’t even see them. When one of the eggs hatched, what do you think came out? An alligator? A duckling? A chick? AContinue reading “Frogs Were Leaping Everywhere–Science”

Upcoming PTO Events

Dear Parents,      The remainder of the school year has much in store on the PTO agenda. I hope you will find projects and programs that you and your family will enjoy! We REALLY need volunteers in order for each of these events/initiatives to be a success. Please fill out and return the form that will be distributedContinue reading “Upcoming PTO Events”

Beth Shalom Early Learning Center CLOSED, Tuesday January 7th

Due to tomorrow’s frigid temperatures and possible icy conditions, we will be closed on January 7th. For the safety of your children as well as our teachers, we have decided to act on the side of caution.  Many of our teachers use public transportation and we are  concerned  about the consistency of service. This decisionContinue reading “Beth Shalom Early Learning Center CLOSED, Tuesday January 7th”


As Thanksgiving approaches we are teaching our students not only about the importance of being thankful, but also about the importance of giving to others. Throughout the year we talk about Mitzvah (or the plural Mitzvot) which are good deeds. Each week as we gather to celebrate Shabbat and we give to tzedakah (or charity). We passContinue reading “Mitzvah!”