Frogs Were Leaping Everywhere–Science

Hi –

This week in Science, (pretend) frogs were leaping everywhere!

We started out with a small pond:

In the water were some teeny tiny eggs. They were so small that you couldn’t even see them. When one of the eggs hatched, what do you think came out?

An alligator? A duckling? A chick? A caterpillar? A turtle? None of those…

What is it?

Everyone wanted to see.

It’s a fish ??

but then…all of a sudden, when we weren’t looking šŸ™‚ something interesting happened.

Look at that! It has two feet!

…and then, two more!

That’s a frog! You’re almost right, but not quite yet…right now it’s called a ‘froglet.’

As the froglet got older and bigger, its tail became smaller and smaller and it looked more and more like a frog.

Finally the frog was all grown up. Some of us wanted to touch it – so we did – very gently.

Eventually, we figured out that it was really just a toy. Some of us were pretty relieved.

We talked about the frog life cycle and took a look at all of our tadpole and frog models.

Did you know that as a tadpole develops into a frog, its front legs form inside its chest cavity? Then, one day, the front legs ‘pop’ out at its sides one at a time.

It’s true! Once it has all four legs, it is officially a froglet.

We practiced popping our arms out.

Next, we learned about some of the differences between frogs and toads.

For example, frogs have long legs and they leap.

(We sang the frog song…’One morning when Pharaoh woke in his bed, there were frogs on his bed and frogs on his head. Frogs on his nose and frogs on his toes. Frogs here…frogs there…frogs were LEAPING everywhere!’)

Toads have short legs and walk or hop.

We also listened to sounds made by many different types of frogs and toads – and tried making the sounds too.

The Bullfrogs made cello-like sounds and the Red-legged frogs sounded like they were clearing their throats.

The Carpenter frogs sounded like they were using hammers in the woods and we hammered with them.

The Crawfish frog seemed to be snoring and the Spring Peepers peeped like chicks.

The toads made interesting sounds too.

The Fire-bellied toads sounded like musical seals and the Yosemite toad sounded like a fire alarm.

Please note that while we heard a wide variety of frogs and toads making sounds, NONE of them said, ‘ribbit.’

See you next week,

Morah Elaine

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