A Bounty of Babies!

It has been a fruitful month here for the Beth Shalom Family!Mazel Tov to all and we’re excited to have you join our family! We hope you join us in celebrating your baby during the Bounty of Babies ceremony during Shavuot. . Jennifer Ferris-Glick and Chad Glick welcomed a beautiful baby boy Big sister Matana andContinue reading “A Bounty of Babies!”

Learning about Havdalah with Rabbi Werbow

This week Rabbi Werbow visited the three-year-old classes to teach them about Havdalah. As we learned, Havdalah marks the end of Shabbat and happens when  three stars can be seen in the sky. We learned about the special braided candle, the cup of wine, and the spices. These represent an aspect of Shabbat and ourContinue reading “Learning about Havdalah with Rabbi Werbow”

A Visit to the Faye Rubenstein Sanctuary

During mitzvot week here at Beth Shalom the three-year-old classes visited the Faye Rubenstein sanctuary with Rabbi Werbow. Rabbi Werbow opened the ark and showed the class the Torah and talked about the inner light. Then he sat with the class and discussed where in the Torah it talks about mitzvot. What a wonderful experience!Continue reading “A Visit to the Faye Rubenstein Sanctuary”

This Week In Preschool

Shana Tova from the Early Childhood Department! We have had a wonderful week learning about Rosh Hashanah! We learned about the shofar, baked with apples and honey, and had so much fun with the color red! We looked at apples and honey on the light table, we painted with apples, and the infants played withContinue reading “This Week In Preschool”

Art in the Sweet New Year!

We have been very creative here at Beth Shalom Preschool this year. We are enjoying experimenting and creating in our new Valinsky Art Studio. We are following the educational theory of Reggio Emilia. As a refresher, here is a definition of this educational practice.   The Reggio Emilia Approach is an educational philosophy focused on preschool and primary education. ItContinue reading “Art in the Sweet New Year!”

Our First Week of School and Upcoming

We had an exciting first week of school! Our theme was getting to know you and friendship. We had a wonderful time getting to know our friends and our teachers. We sang and danced with Morah Marina, we learned “welcome words” in Hebrew with Morah Tamar, and we loved being creative in the new artContinue reading “Our First Week of School and Upcoming”