This Week In Preschool

What a great week here at the preschool! We continued to learn about pumpkins. Seeing in the inside of the pumpkin was especially neat! After we opened up the pumpkins we planted the seeds, made pumpkin muffins with the pumpkin, and all kinds of art with the pumpkins. The toddler teachers created a pumpkin patch and the toddlers got to choose their own! The 3’s painted with pumpkins. What a fun autumn week. Morah Myriam’s Pre-K class was able to walk down to the JCC and see the voting machines and Morah Helen’s Pre-K class made falafel!
Morah Julie did a variety of projects with us this week. We were able to play with a pumpkin sensory jar, decorate pumpkins, and worked with wet felt! Morah Tamar read us a story about an umbrella and we acted it out! Morah Marina has been teaching us Chanukah songs (make sure to mark your calendars for our family Chanukah Celebration at 1 p.m. on December 7th.) With  Morah Elaine the Pre-K learned about symmetry, the 2s did some red, white and blue science in honor of Election Day, and the 3s learned about animation and made their own thaumatropes.
See you next week where our theme is Thanksgiving and Mitzvot! Shabbat Shalom!

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