This Week In Preschool

Shana Tova from the Early Childhood Department! We have had a wonderful week learning about Rosh Hashanah! We learned about the shofar, baked with apples and honey, and had so much fun with the color red!
We looked at apples and honey on the light table, we painted with apples, and the infants played with all kinds of red items! We also have been going on walks in this wonderful weather!
Morah Marina taught us many Rosh Hashanah songs and we set the Shabbat table for Rosh Hashanah today in Shul. We LOVED learning about bees and honey with Morah Elaine and doing the bee wiggle dance! Morah Julie has been letting us explore with different colors, with bendables, and we created our own yads and hamsa.
Have a Sweet New Year! See you on Wednesday!
Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova!
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