We are nearing the end of our first Camp Gan Shalom Trip! This summer our theme is “Camp Out!” and we have had a blast learning about birds, trees, stars, tents, and more! We have been swimming in the wading pools, playing in the sprinklers, when it is too hot playing in the gym, and playing in the tents.


Our first week was our “introduction to camping.” We learned about tents, sleeping bags, and  fires.

Our second week was bird week. We had an exotic bird show, made masks, painted with feathers, and flew like birds.

Our third week was all about stars and constellations. We made stars out of Popsicle sticks, saw pictures of the night sky, and to celebrate July 4th we made red, white, and blue crafts and had a parade!

Our fourth week was Wildlife week. We  made paw prints, made mobiles, did a scavenger hunt equipped with binoculars, and sang lots of songs about animals.

This week our theme is Trees and plants. We will see what we get up to but the plans include working in the garden, a leaf scavenger hunt, leaf rubbings, and we might even make a Terrarium.


As always we have singing with Morah Marina and making Art with Morah Julie! More pictures will be uploaded this week and you can find a few below too! We are looking forward to Trip 2 and especially to the Petting Zoo that is happening on August 7th.

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