L’hitraot and Todah Rabah Liron!

Liron as Mary Poppins and Kara as a chef for Purim

This week we will say L’hitraot to Liron Lipinsky. She has been an integral part of Beth Shalom Early Learning Center, acting as Head of Schools for the past 3 years. On July 1st, Liron will be transitioning into the director of JJEP, the joint Religious School between Beth Shalom and Congregation Rodef Shalom. Liron will continue consulting with the Early Learning Center and Jennifer Slattery. We are fortunate to still have her expertise in curriculum development and leadership training.


For the past 3 years Liron has done everything. She helped us while we transitioned into using the Reggio Emelia Philosophy. She led staff trainings, worked with consultants on bettering our school, raised funds, planned celebrations, and was a hands on help with the day-to-day operations. She opened and closed, covered classrooms, and  helped cook food in the kitchen for celebrations. There is more than one time when a new student who just moved from Israel had a rough transition and Liron would come down to their level, speak to them in Hebrew, and let them know that they are cared for and everything will be ok.


There have been many developments that have happened during Liron’s tenure, but the two that stand out are that she helped lay the ground work to open the Valinsky Art Studio and hire Julie LeWinter as the studio specialist, and she made sure to create a team atmosphere in the Early Learning Center Office. Liron truly wants to see Beth Shalom Early Learning Center succeed so she put into place a working team that could rely on each other to make sure this school functions on a daily basis. Her help in starting the Valinsky Art Studio really speaks for itself. If you have not seen the beautiful artwork that our students create, stop by the 2nd floor sometime and you will be truly amazed.


As I mentioned, we will not be saying “goodbye” to Liron. Her consulting with our center will be integral in helping the school succeed in the future. We are grateful for her support, her dedication, her care, and her leadership over the past 3 years. Join me in wishing Liron the best of luck and a hearty Todah Rabah, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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