Moreh L’Morim

You might have noticed a few faces missing from camp and the office this week. On Sunday, 7 educators from Beth Shalom made the trip to Detroit for Moreh L’Morim. The theme of this four day conference is Lo Bashamayim He, Reaching For Heaven, Standing on Earth. The seven of us will be taking the time to attend classes, listen, learn, and grow as Jewish Educators.

We have attended classes such as The 100 Languages of Children Meet the 70 Faces of Torah, Jewish Learning Through Art, and May Your Tech Toolbox Runneth Over. (and it is only Monday!) We also have the unique opportunity to share in the early childhood sessions about our experiences with the JECEI, and how this project influenced us as educators. We will come back to Pittsburgh with new ideas, resources, supplies, but most important of all, new energy and inspiration. When you are in a place with other educators, you can’t help but come back with a variety of ideas that when put in place at Beth Shalom will help our school grow. The steering committee put forth the questions: How do we renew our Jewish communities’ energy to reach for that which we sometimes feel is beyond our reach? How can we create a platform for sustained  innovation and renewal  within the world of Jewish education?

That is what we are here doing. The deeper connections that we make with each other, each new lesson learned, each new inspiration will come back to Beth Shalom and have a direct impact on your school and for your child.

So, Todah Rabah for the time away to renew, refresh, and truly learn what it means to be “Reaching for Heaven, Standing on Earth.”

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