This Week In Preschool

(Week of May 14th)

We have had such a busy week here at the Preschool as we wind down the school year! Our theme this week was transportation and have we been moving! We looked at maps, created a train, and played with boats in water. We made paper towel airplanes and painted with cars.
We had our final visit from Ms. Ellen from the Squirrel Hill library. We enjoy her coming to read and sing with us! The Pre-K enjoyed a fabulous trip to the farm. We enjoyed playing in the sun and looking at the animals! Thanks to all of our chaperones who helped us on the trip!
We had such a great week with Morah Elaine learning about transportation! We learned all about rolling and sliding and had fun building ramps. The Pre-K learned about magnets and compasses! Morah Yearit taught us about Jeruasalem and all the different ways you can get there, in Hebrew! We had so much fun dancing and singing with Morah Marina and
doing special music and movement classes!
We look forward to seeing you next week where our theme is farms.

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