Sharing Our Story

We recently received this wonderful email from a parent that we wanted to share. Enjoy and feel free to share your own!


When I arrived in Pittsburgh, almost two years ago, I was very concerned about my son’s new preschool. I was afraid Amir (then 2.5 years old) would not understand the language, would not be able to express himself, and how will he adjust to the new place. All of my concerns were resolved once we got to Beth-Shalom. First, I found spacious, welcoming, clean and inviting classrooms, to which I wasn’t used to from Israel. The second obvious thing was the warmth of the people working there, showing kindness and care all the time. Everyone, from the administrative staff, to the teachers and the head of the schools, were (and still are) all so welcoming and pleasant. Everyday I get pictures with day-to-day descriptions from Amir’s teachers, which help me know what Amir has been learning in school, allowing me to process his daily experiences with him and talk about the different things he learned. The excellent lessons of music, science and art really expand his horizons and enrich him. In addition, the Jewish traditions, the Friday Schul, celebrating the holidays and Hebrew lessons make me feel this is warm and caring place for my child. My initial experience from our first days, that I never forget, keep coming back to me everyday that my son and daughter (born here last year) happily walk to school, anxious to return after every weekend. My kids’ smiles say it all.

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