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We Are On Passover Break

Beth Shalom Early Learning Center is on Passover Break through April 22nd. If you have contacted us about inquiries or other questions we will get back to you around April 23rd. See all of our students back on Wednesday, April 23rd.


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Frogs Were Leaping Everywhere–Science

Hi -

This week in Science, (pretend) frogs were leaping everywhere!

We started out with a small pond:

In the water were some teeny tiny eggs. They were so small that you couldn’t even see them. When one of the eggs hatched, what do you think came out?

An alligator? A duckling? A chick? A caterpillar? A turtle? None of those…

What is it?

Everyone wanted to see.

It’s a fish ??

but then…all of a sudden, when we weren’t looking :) something interesting happened.

Look at that! It has two feet!

…and then, two more!

That’s a frog! You’re almost right, but not quite yet…right now it’s called a ‘froglet.’

As the froglet got older and bigger, its tail became smaller and smaller and it looked more and more like a frog.

Finally the frog was all grown up. Some of us wanted to touch it – so we did – very gently.

Eventually, we figured out that it was really just a toy. Some of us were pretty relieved.

We talked about the frog life cycle and took a look at all of our tadpole and frog models.

Did you know that as a tadpole develops into a frog, its front legs form inside its chest cavity? Then, one day, the front legs ‘pop’ out at its sides one at a time.

It’s true! Once it has all four legs, it is officially a froglet.

We practiced popping our arms out.

Next, we learned about some of the differences between frogs and toads.

For example, frogs have long legs and they leap.

(We sang the frog song…’One morning when Pharaoh woke in his bed, there were frogs on his bed and frogs on his head. Frogs on his nose and frogs on his toes. Frogs here…frogs there…frogs were LEAPING everywhere!’)

Toads have short legs and walk or hop.

We also listened to sounds made by many different types of frogs and toads – and tried making the sounds too.

The Bullfrogs made cello-like sounds and the Red-legged frogs sounded like they were clearing their throats.

The Carpenter frogs sounded like they were using hammers in the woods and we hammered with them.

The Crawfish frog seemed to be snoring and the Spring Peepers peeped like chicks.

The toads made interesting sounds too.

The Fire-bellied toads sounded like musical seals and the Yosemite toad sounded like a fire alarm.

Please note that while we heard a wide variety of frogs and toads making sounds, NONE of them said, ‘ribbit.’

See you next week,

Morah Elaine

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Everything For Kids Sale


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How We Celebrated Purim

Last week we had a great time celebrating Purim!


Purim is a Jewish holiday that celebrates when the Jewish people were saved from destruction in the Persian Empire. This story is also told in the Biblical Book of Esther. King Ahasuerus chose Esther as his wife. The Kings’ adviser Haman (booo) planned to kill all the Jews in the empire. Esther’s uncle Mordechai (yay!!)  heard what Haman planned to do and Esther planned to stop Haman. Esther held a feast and invited Haman, and in front of everyone she told the King she was a Jew. Esther told the King that Haman wanted the Jews to die, and the King decided to save the Jews, but to kill Haman. So on this day Esther and her cousin Mordechai saved the Jews, and so Purim is a time to celebrate!


We spent last week learning the story and doing a variety of activities.


We made Hamentashen:


We had our faces painted:


We learned about and made graggers:


We Dressed Up:


We Danced:

photo 1 (6)

 And We Sang:

photo (1)

What a fun week celebrating!

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Join Us For Purim

Join Us For Purim

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Beth Shalom Health Initiative

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Olympics Science

Hi -

This week in Science, in honor of the Winter Olympics, we learned about balance.

First, we talked a little about the Olympics and some of the sports that we had seen on TV. Many of us had seen skiing, snow-boarding, and/or ice skating – either the dancing type or the racing type. Of those who watched the games, almost all had seen at least one person fall down.

Next, we decided if different block towers were balanced (not going to fall over)

or unbalanced (going to fall over).

Then we tried balancing ourselves on one foot in many different ways:

Once we got a feel for what balance is and is not, we each got a photograph of a person (or a group of people). We had to decide if the person was balanced or was unbalanced. We sorted the photographs into two groups:

Could a pencil be balanced on its point on the end of a ruler?

Not easily – but it could be done if it has a counterweight attached:

or two:

Could the first pencil be balanced on top of the second one?

That was pretty crazy!

Finally, we tried to figure out how to balance paper clowns upside-down on our fingertips. That wasn’t easy.

Hint: The clown is shaped like the pencil-balancer, but the pencil balancer has counterweights. How can we add counterweights to the clown?

Everyone got two paperclips. It took us a while, but we kept trying. Finally, we did it!

It was a very well-balanced class!

See you next week -

Morah Elaine

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Upcoming PTO Events

Dear Parents,
     The remainder of the school year has much in store on the PTO agenda. I hope you will find projects and programs that you and your family will enjoy! We REALLY need volunteers in order for each of these events/initiatives to be a success. Please fill out and return the form that will be distributed in your child’s cubby to indicate when you can help! Contact me at with any questions or to offer your assistance.
     Many thanks to you, to the chairs noted below, and to the Room Parents. We have a strong, vibrant, and involved community! I hope to see you at these events.
Aviva Lubowsky 
now until the 21st! 
Order your child’s art on a variety of products! Proceeds will go toward the
PTO’s goal this year of buying a light table for each classroom. Deadline
for orders is Feb. 21.
Mid-month: The debut of Love Notes Mailboxes and thank-you cards
The mailboxes were designed by Morah Julie Lewinter, and Bethany Miga spearheaded the creation of the thank-you cards. You can get the notecards in the office and use them to write teachers thank-you notes for their efforts! One special thank-you card is on sale for a $1 donation to the PTO to show extra gratitude
2 (Sun) Volunteer Project with Senior Citizens
Your kids will create some art along with people at the other end of the
age spectrum! Limited to10 families. At Weinberg Terrace: 5757 Bartlett 
Street. Zach Strassburger, Chair
4, 5, 6 (T, W, Thr)  Annual Scholastic Book Fair
Support our school and classrooms by purchasing books for your home, 
for gifts, and for our classrooms. Bryna Siegel Finer and Aviva Lubowsky, Chairs
14 (Fri) Volunteer @ the All-School Family Purim Celebration
 Program is 12:30-1:30 p.m. Volunteers needed before and after.
6 (Sun) Everything for Kids Sale 
Start saving your gently used clothes, books, toys, and more for ages 5and younger! You can drop them off at the preschool office from March  31 to April 4 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Sale on Sunday from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. All items will be name-your-own price (minimum $1). Volunteers  needed on Friday, April 4th, from 3-5:30 p.m. for set up andon Sunday for two-hour shifts from 8 a.m. 2 p.m. (volunteers get to pre-shop on Friday!). 
 Bryna Siegel Finer, Chair
18 (Fri) Spring Break Playdate in the Gym
 Wondering what to do with your kid(s) while they’re home on break day
 after day? Come play in the gym! $5 suggested PTO donation per family. Snacks provided. Please do not bring any food due to Passover 
dietary laws.
5-9 (Mon-Fri) Teacher Appreciation Week
Monday: Parents provide breakfast for teachers in their classrooms
Tuesday: School provides small gift to teachers in their mailboxes
Wednesday: School provides lunch for teachers
Thursday: Parents bring flowers for teachers
Friday: School provides a small gift to teachers in their mailboxes and 
parents deliver a gift made by the children
All week: parents leave personal notes of appreciation for the teachers
Room Parents coordinate where is says “parents” above
18 (Sun) End-of-School/Lag Ba’Omer Picnic
Enjoy a late-afternoon picnic with a sing-a-long, fun games, and maybe 
even a bonfire. Location and other details TBA. All Early Learning Center 
families and Beth Shalom members are welcome
Anne-Magali Sanchez and Nichole Ben Ithzak, Chairs
12 (Thurs) Volunteer @ the Pre-K Graduation
Program is 6:30 p.m. Volunteers needed before, during, and after
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Our NAEYC Reaccreditation

naeyc_logo_croppedThis past week we got news that we received our NAEYC reaccreditation. What is accreditation?


“Early childhood programs accredited by the NAEYC Academy for Early Childhood Program Accreditation have voluntarily undergone a comprehensive process of internal self-study and improvement. Each NAEYC-accredited program must meet all 10 of the NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards.”


What are the 10 Program Standards?

  • Standard 1: Relationships
  • Standard 2: Curriculum
  • Standard 3: Teaching
  • Standard 4: Assessment of Child Progress
  • Standard 5: Health
  • Standard 6: Teachers
  • Standard 7: Families
  • Standard 8: Community Relationships
  • Standard 9: Physical Environment
  • Standard 10: Leadership and Management

More in-depth descriptions of each standard are available in this guide for families.


Congratulations to our amazing educators and our director, Jennifer Slattery, on this accomplishment!

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Tu B’Shevat

We had a great week last week learning about Tu B’Shevat (the Birthday of trees!)

*We squeezed our own oranges to make orange juice
*We planted seeds
*We made bird feeders
*We cut up fruit and made a fruit salad
*We learned how to crack nuts
*We created trees–out of paint, twigs, rocks, and more!
*We celebrated–sang and danced– with Morah Marina
*Morah Elaine taught us the different parts of a tree and we sang them to the tune of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.”

Everybody sing…’Twigs, branches, trunk and roots, trunk and roots…”Twigs, branches, trunk and roots, trunk and roots…
”Crown and leaves and bark and fruits…’
‘Twigs, branches, trunk and roots, trunk and roots…’

2 1
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