Parents are in the picture at the Beth Shalom ELC!
At the Beth Shalom Early Learning Center, parents — as well as grandparents, other caregivers, and synagogue members — play a vital role in shaping the ELC community. Parents are welcome to be involved as much or as little as they choose and in a variety of ways — in the classroom, on field trips, through fundraisers, and at social family and parent events.
The mission of the PTO is:
We know parents are incredibly busy, so the PTO strives to operate in a time efficient manner where any parent can find a way to participate given each one’s schedule and demands. Parents are encouraged to be active either by chairing an event or participating in programming.
 A Room Parent is assigned to each classroom at the start of each year to act as a liaison between the room and the PTO and to communicate updates and program information to the other families. The Room Parent organizes at least one class-wide playdate so parents have an opportunity to schmooze outside of hectic drop-off and pick-up times.
We invite you to get involved. At whatever level and for as much time as you have, please contribute to the PTO’s efforts to make the ELC the best community for families in Pittsburgh!
The ELC is our children’s home away from home, and making that place a warm, caring community is important to everyone. Through social events for the whole family and, at times, just the grown-ups, the PTO strives to help parents build friendships and a support network. Community, however, is more than just the events on the calendar. Through smiling faces in the lobby, introducing ourselves by name on the elevator, and whole classroom playdates coordinated by the Room Parent, the ELC is a place where everyone should feel a personal connection.
The loving educators at the ELC work tirelessly to provide a safe, warm, nurturing experience in which our children can play, grow, and learn. One hundred percent of PTO dues go toward teacher appreciation efforts, including:
  • a winter holiday gift
  • a Rosh Hashanah gift bag
  • a Purim gift basket
  • a springtime Teacher Appreciation Week activities.
The ELC is lucky to have a great deal of new equipment technology in the classrooms. To complement this, the PTO works to raise money for “bonus” materials or programs. Some past ways this money has been put to use are:
  • Light tables purchased for every classroom
  • Water Tables
  • Subsidizes PTO events
Annual fundraisers include the Usborne Book Fair in the spring and Original Works that puts the kids’ artwork on everyday, useful items.


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